When the country’s political parties get together to decide the next prime minister

A national political party meeting is underway in Sydney on Wednesday, with the Liberal Party announcing its candidate for the upcoming election.

The Liberal Party is the largest political party in the country and has a number of key positions in federal politics, including the role of treasurer.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott is set to hold a press conference later this morning and a full list of the party’s candidates will be announced shortly.

However, the Liberal Leader has ruled out any potential conflict of interest in the role.

“We are not going to put forward candidates in the position of Treasurer.

That is not our practice,” Mr Abbott said.

But there is speculation the position could come under increased scrutiny from the Labor Party as the party is gearing up for a series of federal elections.

In the absence of any candidate, the Liberals have a number candidates to choose from in the first-past-the-post vote.

A spokesperson for the Liberal party said the party had “been approached” by a number “of individuals” to form a team to run for the position.

Labor’s spokesman, Adam Bandt, also confirmed there were “ongoing discussions” with the party about the role and said it would be up to the Labor leader to decide whether to accept or reject any potential candidates.

Mr Bandt also said Labor would not have a candidate in the seat of Dawson, which is currently held by Liberal MP Steve Ciobo.

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