How to stop being a self-righteous victim of victimhood

Posted October 08, 2018 14:03:18The report by the UK’s Social Attitudes Survey, which looked at the attitudes of British adults towards the LGBT community, found that 56 per cent of respondents were in favour of same-sex marriage and 69 per cent were against.

The report was based on a nationwide online survey conducted by Ipsos Mori, and also surveyed more than 4,500 adults across the UK and the UK as a whole.

The study was conducted in 2017 and included responses from more than 3,000 adults.

Respondents were asked:What do you think about same-gender marriage in the UK?

Should same-suspect couples be allowed to marry?

Should the government legalise same-day marriage?

Should public hospitals and clinics be able to refuse to provide medical services to same- sex couples?

Should hospitals be able in the future to refuse treatment to people who are homosexual or transgender?

Should transgender people be allowed in the military?

Should all adults be allowed access to contraception?

Should women be allowed free childcare and free access to state-funded schools?

Should children be allowed compulsory state-sponsored education?

Should there be equal opportunities for women in society?

Should employers be allowed the right to refuse or sack a woman if she does not conform to their gender?

Should parents be allowed a greater say in whether their children attend state-approved schools?

Should all adults have the right of free choice in who they marry and who they give birth to?

Should men be able take a child to church, and women be free to wear the hijab or wear the niqab?

Should religious institutions be allowed on public transport?

Should gay and lesbian couples be able adopt children?

Should any family of gay and bisexual couples be forced to split the cost of raising a child?

Should churches be required to provide services to gay and bi couples?

What do YOU think about the report?


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