How to use a custom keyboard shortcut for Ubuntu to automatically start LibreOffice from a web browser

article By default, Ubuntu will automatically open LibreOffice on a web-browser, even if you’ve installed LibreOffice with a custom shortcut.

If you want to customize LibreOffice to start automatically, simply use the shortcut in the desktop’s settings.

In the future, we’ll add a special button for automatic opening to LibreOffice in Ubuntu’s system tray.

The shortcut should be placed in the system tray under the LibreOffice icon and can be accessed from the Menu > Software menu.

If you need to open LibreDocuments, LibreOffice or OpenOffice with LibreOffice’s built-in extensions, you can use a different shortcut.

OpenOffice’s shortcut is located in the System tray under its name, and LibreOffice has a shortcut for it as well.

The LibreOffice shortcut is a little bit more complicated, and there’s a shortcut to OpenOffice in the Software menu, but you can find it in the Ubuntu Software Center as well as in the Libreoffice shortcut.