Police: Reporter arrested for ‘provoking a disturbance’

A New Jersey television reporter who was arrested last week for “provoking an unreasonable disturbance” in a live news report has been released on bail pending her next court appearance, a police spokeswoman said Monday.

NewsChannel 8 reporter Lauren Oates, 24, of Camden, N.J., was charged with disorderly conduct after an April 20 incident that occurred while she was working as a producer at a Fox News show.

The incident, captured on video by a Fox cameraman, prompted a protest in front of Fox News headquarters.

A spokesman for Oates declined to comment.

Fox News spokesman David O’Reilly said in a statement that the network is “deeply disappointed” in the arrest.

Oates is scheduled to appear in court on May 12.

O’Connell said Oates has not been charged in connection with the protests.

Oakes’ arrest comes just days after the station aired footage of a protest against police brutality that erupted during a live interview with a young black man named Tanishia Thompson, who had been arrested for a second time after being released on $1,000 bail.

The network aired the footage in a report on the protests in Ferguson, Mo.

The arrest of Oates comes as Fox News has been under intense scrutiny in recent months after it was revealed that former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson was paid $13.5 million in 2016 to produce a documentary alleging widespread sexual harassment at the network.

O-Rings founder Michael Medved and several other former Fox employees have been subpoenaed by the House of Representatives to testify about their role in the company’s internal investigation into Carlson’s claims.

Carlson’s attorney says that his client will not be subpoenaed.

Medved declined to answer questions from reporters on Monday, but told The Associated Press that the company is “absolutely not in the business of protecting the reputation of any of our employees.”