How to get free carfax on Maui, report a problem

When you visit your local car dealership, you may find your carfax is out of date.

You can fix the problem by calling Hawaii’s public safety hotline.

For example, if you have an expired inspection sticker, you can get your inspection sticker renewed by calling the Hawaii Inspection Service.

If your vehicle has a minor dent, you could call your insurance company and request a repair.

Call your local police department for assistance if you suspect a burglary or a theft.

If you see someone breaking into your home, call 911.

When you’re stuck in traffic, check your mirrors.

If the rear windshield is missing, you should call the Honolulu Police Department’s Traffic Safety Division to report the problem.

If you see a car running in a lane, stop the car and report the situation to the Honolulu Fire Department.

You could also call 911 and report it to the Department of Motor Vehicles if the driver has a license to operate a vehicle.

If your car has been towed, report the matter to the Transportation Security Administration’s Transportation Safety Investigations Unit.

You can also call Hawaii’s Public Safety hotline at 866-932-6200.

If a vehicle has been stolen or abandoned, report it at the Honolulu City of Parks.

You’ll be required to show proof of ownership, a description of the car, the date and time of the incident, and the vehicle number, vehicle model and make.

If your car was not found within three days of being reported, call the Police Department at 808-808-5200 and submit the report.

How to find out if your car is covered by Hawaii’s car insurance policy article If your insurance coverage for your vehicle is limited, you will need to call your local dealer to request an insurance quote.

You may also be able to get quotes through your state insurance carrier, such as AAA.

If so, your carrier will have a list of recommended rates for your policy.