How a 49ers’ injury report can hurt your credit report

The 49ers have just one healthy player in their lineup.

That leaves them without the starting cornerback on their roster, and they don’t have any starters in the secondary.

But a player that could fill in at some point is undrafted rookie safety Deon Thompson.

He’s played at a high level for a short time, but he’s still very raw.

He played against the Saints and Titans this season and has two interceptions and a fumble recovery.

The Saints also signed veteran safety Jairus Byrd, who had a similar injury last season, but they weren’t able to find a player with his size and athleticism.

Injury reports can be misleading because of the way they’re written, so if you’re unsure if a player is injured, it’s always worth looking at the injury report.

It’s not an exact science, but if you take the injury reports of players in the same position, and then you take their games played, it gives you an idea of how much they’re contributing.

For instance, if you have a quarterback that throws a lot of interceptions, but plays well enough that his team is still able to win games, you’ll see a lot more plays where he throws interceptions than other quarterbacks, and if you look at the stats, that might not be a bad thing.

But there are also a few factors that can influence how injuries are reported.

It can be difficult to identify who is hurt and when, especially with the NFL’s concussion protocol, so some players might miss the start of a game or the week before.

And it can be hard to quantify the amount of damage a player might cause.

It doesn’t hurt to be honest about your injury report and let people know what you’re dealing with.

You should always let the NFL know what kind of injuries you’ve had and the severity of your injuries so they can do a more thorough check on your status.


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