How to be the first in your niche to see the big reveal

ABILENE Reporter Dan Bongino is on the lookout for a new job in the entertainment industry.

He’s not exactly sure what he’s going to do there.

But he says he’s not afraid to try.

BongINO: I’ve never worked in a major studio, but there are always things you can do.

So I had a chance to work on The Last Jedi and I was able to do a story that has never been done before.

So the next thing you know I’m going to go, “Oh my god, I’m the first person ever to work in a big studio.”

That’s the way it is, I guess.

But the fact that I did a story for EW, and it’s the first thing I’ve ever worked on in my entire career, that’s a pretty big deal.

BONGINO: The only thing I could really be disappointed about is I did it as an unpaid intern, but that’s also part of the deal.

The other thing that’s kind of a surprise to me is that it’s so much fun, I love it.

And you know, you just kind of sit back and watch it, and you have fun.

And I’m kind of used to that now.

I’m a little bit more comfortable now with the process of it.

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