Kerala government gives final go on air-conditioned refrigerator

Kerala’s government has given final go to a plan to install air-cooled refrigerators in public places, including hospitals and schools.

The Kerala Civil Lines Committee (KCLC) on Tuesday gave its nod to the idea, which will enable people to store their food and other household items in air- cooled refrigerators for the first time.

The proposed system, which has been given final approval by the state government, will allow people to keep their food safe and also provide air-to-air cooling for the entire district.

The state government has been keen on the plan, which was put in place during the state’s disastrous power crisis in 2014, when the state was hit by severe power shortages and the air- conditioners were unable to provide adequate cooling for patients.

The system would also enable the state to offer a complete range of essential services, including free food to the poor, free water to all citizens and free foodstuffs to the needy, said an official statement.

The air- to-air refrigerators will have a capacity of 1,000 litres and will have the ability to be operated continuously.

The government has set up a website, which is currently available only for those who have purchased the air conditioner.