How to get a quick update on Kobe Bryant’s condition

Kobe Bryant, the former Los Angeles Lakers star, is expected to survive his own injury and will likely make a full recovery after undergoing a knee surgery, his agent said Wednesday.

“Kobe is feeling better than ever,” his agent, Rob Pelinka, told ESPN.

“We are in the final days of the recovery.

He’s feeling good, and we’re hoping he’s going to make a big recovery.”

The surgery, performed Wednesday, was performed on a joint in his right knee that was damaged during a game in Las Vegas on Oct. 30.

The surgery was also performed on the same joint in the left knee, which injured him during the second half of the Lakers’ loss to the Phoenix Suns on Nov. 4.

Bryant, who turned 34 on Monday, has been out of the league since Oct. 31.

He underwent a knee procedure on Nov-Dec. and has been limited to basketball activities.

He suffered a broken collarbone during the Lakers loss to Phoenix, but he was able to return to the court after the game.

He then returned to the practice facility where he practiced before a game against the New Orleans Pelicans.

Borys camp has not yet released any information on how long he has been in a coma, but it has not been confirmed that he has suffered any additional injuries.

Pelinka said he had no idea what was happening until he heard about the operation from Dr. Robert Watkins, a specialist in sports medicine.

Watkins told ESPN the procedure was “a simple, straight-forward operation,” which would take place on the inside of the joint and would leave no major scarring.

The Lakers had no comment on the surgery.