Vatican newspaper to publish

‘full of falsehoods’ article By PETER R. SCHMIDT The Vatican newspaper will publish an article “full of false news” in its Sunday edition, according to Vatican officials who are also warning the world about a growing threat of disinformation and cyberattacks.

The paper will not use any English text but will be filled with “sensational news,” a spokesperson for the Vatican said.

The article will have the words “fake news” and will be accompanied by a photograph of Pope Francis and the title “The pope of lies.”

It is the first time that the Vatican has published an article without any English translation.

The paper has been a mainstay of the Catholic Church in recent years as Pope Francis tries to restore its image after decades of global political and religious upheaval.

In a statement, Vatican Press Secretary Robert Nardella said the Vatican had “decided to use a French translation to ensure the safety of the readers.”

The article will be available on the paper’s website as soon as Sunday.

The Vatican has previously used the article as a vehicle to defend its image in the run-up to the 2015 papal election, when it also had to respond to criticism over the publication of an article on the cover of the magazine, L’Osservatore Romano.

The Pope has been criticized for publishing a photo of the pope with a bloodied shirt.