What the Durham City Council voted to do to protect its city from climate change

In Durham, North Carolina, the city council voted to protect the city from global warming by requiring the installation of “aerodynamic systems” and other measures designed to protect residents from flooding.

The measure is part of the city’s plan to adapt to climate change, which is expected to affect the entire region by 2035.

The city of Durham also adopted a climate-related policy, requiring that the entire city, and its agencies and departments, adopt new procedures to limit the effects of climate change.

The council voted 6-0 to approve the policy, and it went into effect Monday.

The policy, known as the citywide adaptation plan, requires that the city move forward with measures to mitigate the impacts of climate-induced changes on its residents, and the city has now required measures that include installing air-conditioning systems and limiting the amount of sunlight that can be received by residents.

The Durham City Administrator’s Office said the policy will also require a number of changes to the way the city conducts its business.

The changes include requiring the city to implement a comprehensive review of its business practices and a comprehensive inventory of its climate-change mitigation efforts.

Durham also needs to set aside at least $50 million for an infrastructure plan to help mitigate climate-caused climate change and the potential effects of its changes on the city, the council said.

Durham Mayor Tommy Musgrove said the city would have to invest the money to make sure the city is prepared for climate-driven changes.

“I don’t think it’s going to happen overnight,” Musgrov said.

“We have to make some investments to be able to protect ourselves, and we’ll have to put in some resources to do that.”


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