Fall River reporter dies after being shot at by two suspects

An Associated Press reporter who was shot twice at close range by two men in Crystal Falls, Michigan, on Sunday was pronounced dead at a hospital, the Crystal Falls Police Department said.

The shooting was reported about 1:15 p.m. in the area of 11th Avenue and 11th Street NW, according to Crystal Falls police spokeswoman Debbie Johnson.

Johnson said a police report was still pending.

Crystal Falls is about 15 miles northeast of Detroit.

The Crystal Falls Fire Department, which is also investigating, said the shooting occurred in an alleyway on the northeast side of the city.

It was not clear how many people were involved.

Crystal River resident Jennifer Larkin, who lives nearby, said she heard shots and ran into her apartment.

She said her daughter and a friend were out with their dogs when they heard a noise.

“They looked outside, and they saw two guys shooting in the direction of the street,” Larkin said.

“It was loud, and it was terrifying.”

Larkin told the Crystal River Herald that the shooting was “not the first time that I’ve heard gunfire” and said the suspects were not wearing masks.

She described one of the suspects as being 5 feet tall and about 140 pounds.

Crystal Rapids police said there were no reports of injuries.

Crystal Lake resident Mary Ann Karpinski, 59, said her husband, a retired coal miner, had just finished a shift when he heard a commotion in the alley.

“We went down and saw the police were trying to get people into their cars,” Karpinksi said.

She called 911 and tried to get someone to come to her house.

Karpinskis’ husband said he heard the shots and then saw two people run from the area.

“There were two men running,” Karpski said.

Crystal Creek resident Karen Ladd said she had seen her husband outside her home and that he was “trying to help them out.”

Ladd called police to report seeing two men walking toward the area where the shooting happened.

Police found Ladd in her yard, police said.

Police said they were investigating whether anyone else was involved in the shooting.

The FBI has been called in to assist in the investigation.

Crystal Lakes Police Chief Jim Schumann told the Detroit Free Press that Crystal Falls residents are “hopeful” there will be no further incidents.

“This is just one of those situations where if there’s anything out of the ordinary that happens, it’s probably an indication that something is going on that has a lot of people concerned,” Schumann said.