Why this is the worst season for the 49ers so far: Report card

The 49ers announced a series of injuries to the roster on Friday.

Here are the biggest ones: LB Bruce Irvin (toe) is questionable for the second straight week.

LB Justin Smith (concussion) is doubtful for the fourth straight week and RB Carlos Hyde (ankle) is out indefinitely.

QB Alex Smith (knee) is listed as questionable for Sunday.

DE Mario Williams (ankles) and TE Vance McDonald (back) are questionable for their respective games.

The 49er’s depth chart is not as bad as last season when they had the league’s worst depth chart.

The only thing that’s different is that the roster has been bolstered with more veterans.

But the 49er roster still looks a lot like it did in 2014, when the 49-7 team had the worst starting quarterback depth chart in the NFL.

In fact, it’s almost as if this year’s roster is more vulnerable than 2014.

“We don’t really know what to expect from this team this year,” head coach Jim Harbaugh said.

“What we do know is that we have a great group of players, and the only thing we can really control is our performance and how we do it.

That’s our challenge.”

That’s something the 49s have to improve on.

But so far it seems like the biggest problem for the team is that they can’t find a way to consistently win games.

They’re 3-8 in games decided by seven points or less.

The loss of Smith (toe), who has been a big contributor to their offense and led the team with 12 sacks last season, and Irvin are two of the worst injuries the team has faced this season.

Harbaugh is hoping to see some improvement in Smith’s performance.

“He was really disruptive last year,” Harbaugh said, “but the way he’s been playing, it doesn’t matter if he’s throwing or running, it matters if he has a good day.

If he’s not there, he’s just going to struggle.

That is the biggest thing for us.”

With that in mind, Harbaugh has said Smith could be active for the first game of the season.

But he also has said he could be inactive for the rest of the regular season.

It’s the kind of uncertainty that Harbaugh is worried about.

It makes him worry about his team.

“I have to worry about them as much as they have to me,” Harbaugh told the media in early January.

“And I have to try to get my guys to focus on their job, and they have no idea how much it means to me to get them to do that.”

The 49s lost to the Colts 27-13 in Week 3.

They were 0-8 before that loss, and Harbaugh is still hoping his players can bounce back.

“The team is so talented,” he said.

“[They] have talent, they have a really good group of guys.

They are going to be able to make plays when they have the ball.

They just have to be consistent.

It has to be a game-plan for them.”

The worst team in the league is the Broncos.

They’ve allowed the most points in the past four weeks and are now 1-9.

It hasn’t been easy.

They started 3-0, but lost to Seattle in Week 7, 24-10.

They had a bye, but still lost to Green Bay in Week 10.

They finished 1-8.

In Week 15, they were 9-3, then lost to Buffalo in Week 16, 29-24.

They have the worst record in the AFC West, and it could get even worse.

“This team is not going to win championships this year, and we are not going take it for granted,” Harbaugh continued.

“That’s the truth.

We’re not going for a trophy, we’re not there to win a Super Bowl.

We have to make sure we have the same level of effort, the same amount of hard work, the intensity level, the focus level, and just keep doing it.

If we don’t get that right, if we donĀ“t have a championship, then we are going down the same path that we went down last year.”

That was Harbaugh’s assessment of last season’s roster.

In that case, he didn’t exactly blame the 49th man.

“There is a reason why you guys are sitting there,” Harbaugh was quoted as saying.

“You guys are going through some ups and downs, and I know that a lot of us were down there and the fans were down here too, and a lot were on the field and didn’t understand it.

But we are doing our job.

And if we keep doing that, we are winning championships.

We don’t need to go down there every week and tell everybody that we are playing great.

We need to keep doing what we have been doing.

We are a great football team.”

That is definitely not the message Harbaugh wants to get