How to read the news headlines

As the days of summer turn to winter, here are some of the news stories that will make you smile.


The National Herald of India (NHI) is reporting that a total of 18,000 seats have been allocated in the upcoming Assembly elections.

This would make the Assembly the second largest in India after the Rajya Sabha.


The Centre has decided to set up a special panel to monitor and advise the Centre’s policy on issues of terrorism and communal harmony.

The panel will be headed by a retired general and the other members will be selected from among the former chief ministers of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.


India Today has reported that the Supreme Court has given the go-ahead for the country to extend the Emergency to other states.

The apex court had on June 5 extended the Emergency in nine states, including Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Karn, Bihar, Andhra and Odisha.


The government has decided not to move any law in the country until it gets all the amendments passed in the Rajghat Lok Sabha and Lok Sabha Assembly polls, which will be held on December 8.


The Indian Express has reported the government has given itself a week to reach a final decision on a proposal to amend the Constitution, in order to give it a “clean slate” to deal with the fallout of the riots that erupted after the death of Jai Prakash Narayan.

The proposed amendment would have allowed a legislature that is constitutionally “independent” to declare an emergency in case of a threat of communal violence.


The Times of India has reported a report from the Centre saying the government will not be able to pass any laws till the Emergency ends.


The Hindu has reported on a new survey, in which two out of three voters want the government to remove the Emergency immediately, while a third of respondents want to wait until the Parliament elections are over.


The India Today channel has reported an announcement from the Home Ministry that the Emergency will end in December.


The Economic Times has reported Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has decided that he will not seek a fifth term in office.


The Hindustan Times has published an editorial titled “The crisis is over, the Congress has won the election.

The country is safe.

Now what?”.

The paper is the flagship news and opinion publication of the Congress party and has become the largest mouthpiece of the ruling party.


The News Wire has reported: “The Centre has given approval to a National Security Committee headed by an officer of the armed forces.

The committee will look into the security situation in the wake of the attacks in Bengaluru and Mumbai.


The Financial Express has published a commentary in which it said the Congress is the only party that could have taken the fight to the BJP for the 2014 general elections.

The party had defeated the BJP in 2014 in Bengal and won the Lok Sabha polls.

The editorial was authored by Prashant Bhushan, who has been the Chief Minister of Maharashtra.


The Independent has published in its Sunday edition a statement by former Home Minister Rajnath Singh, in a statement, that the Congress will not allow the Government to do away with the Emergency.


The Telegraph has reported from Delhi that the Government is planning to appoint a Chief Minister for the upcoming elections.


The NDTV channel has published the opinion of a senior civil servant who has worked closely with the Union Cabinet Secretariat, and the Government, on the situation in Bengal, where the Government has taken several steps to resolve the crisis in Bengal.


The New Delhi Mirror has reported in its Monday edition that the Union Ministry of External Affairs has taken steps to address the problem of terrorism.


The FT has published excerpts from a letter written by a former diplomat from Delhi to Prime Minister Singh.

He had argued that there is no way the Government will have any leverage over the political parties and the people.


The Associated Press has published from Delhi, the first time that a private citizen has written a letter to the Prime Minister in this regard.

The letter had argued the Government should have taken some concrete action on the threat of terrorism in the state.


The Delhi Mirror had published excerpts of an interview with the former minister of State for External Affairs and a member of the Cabinet Secretaries.


The Business Standard has published some excerpts from the report prepared by a research company commissioned by the Centre to examine the economic impact of the Emergency, titled “Delhi’s Emergency: The Economic Impact”.

The report has estimated the economic loss from the Emergency at between Rs. 10,000 crore and Rs. 20,000 billion.


The Daily Telegraph has published one of its columns written by one of the prominent businessmen in the region, saying the Government of India will not let the crisis last much longer.


The Sunday Express has said that a group of people in Karnataka, who have been living in a tent, are planning to set fire to their home