Truckers report snowfall in Tahoe and Hawaii

Truckers in Tahoes and Hawaii reported the worst winter weather conditions in years, but a new report says that snowfall may be on the way.

The National Weather Service said Tuesday that the snowfall from January to March was one of the worst since record keeping began in 1951.

It was the first time the agency had seen that much snowfall fall in the past 20 years.

The agency said the snow was falling mainly in the western portion of the state and the central and northern parts of the island.

It reported a total of 3.5 inches of snow on Hawaii, with 1.9 inches in the central mountains.

Snowfall in the state peaked on Jan. 17, and was followed by more rain.

It fell in places, such as the Tahoe-Hilo airport, which saw a record snowfall of more than 2 feet.

The weather bureau said there was a significant chance of thunderstorms moving in from the east on Tuesday, and it was possible that winds could move from north to south in the afternoon.

A separate report from the National Weather Bureau says that there was an elevated risk of thunderstorm formation in the eastern part of the region on Tuesday night.

That means that a large number of storm systems could be active in the region, possibly causing some damaging winds and heavy snowfall.

A second report from NWS says the threat of severe weather in Hawaii could rise sharply on Wednesday, with the possibility of a tornado or a tornado swarm.

A tornado could form on Wednesday afternoon in the area of Oahu, with winds of at least 75 mph.