Detroit Pistons to hold off on reporting salary cap, luxury tax report due soon

The Detroit Pistons are expected to make a salary cap report on Tuesday, but not the luxury tax one. 

The Pistons, who had to report a salary of $53.3 million for the upcoming season, had to do so for tax purposes. 

It was a reminder of the Pistons’ financial burden from the previous year, when they had to pay more than $18 million in taxes and penalties for missing the NBA salary cap for the first time in 15 years. 

In 2017, the Pistons missed the salary cap by a total of $3.9 million. 

This year, they missed the luxury taxes by $6.4 million.

The total tax bill was $20.3 mil, and they missed out on a total tax of $28.9 mil. 

Pistons owner Tom Gores, who is a billionaire, said the team is trying to make the best of the situation. 

“This year is different because we had to make our decision to pay the tax,” Gores said on the team’s official website. 

Detroit had already missed the tax in 2017 and had to spend $9.4 mil to make up the difference, with a $9 mil penalty. 

Gores, a self-made billionaire, had previously said he planned to stay with the team through the 2020 season. 

There is no word on when the team will release its tax report. 

Other sports teams have also missed the 2016 salary cap. 

During the 2017-18 season, the Houston Rockets missed the cap by $4.3 m, the Los Angeles Clippers missed the amount by $2.6 million, the Atlanta Hawks missed the $2 million, and the Toronto Raptors missed the total by $3 mil.