How to tell if you’re a victim of an emergency in Florida

Posted September 28, 2018 11:25:52In Florida, there are several ways to report an emergency.

You can call 911 or go to a police station.

Or you can file a police report.

But for many people, the latter option is what they want most of the time.

And that’s why we created Lexisnexi, a new tool that allows you to quickly and easily search for emergency reporting information, reports and other important information.

This is not a new feature, but Lexisexis is now available for all Florida residents.

LexisEXNexis was created to help Florida residents make emergency reporting easier.

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Read moreFlorida Emergency Reporting GuidelinesA report from a medical professional is not always the most accurate or complete.

The Florida Department of Health (FDOH) has developed guidelines to help you better understand what information is needed for a report, what information should not be included and what to include.

We will be adding these guidelines to our statewide emergency response website soon.

We understand the need for a quick and easy way to find information about emergency reports.

But in the meantime, we encourage you to do your part by checking out our guide to reporting and responding to an emergency, including a look at how to search for the appropriate information.

For more information about Florida emergency reporting guidelines,