CNN: ‘I don’t think this is a partisan issue’ for Dems

CNN has called for a debate over whether the Republican National Committee should host a town hall with former President Joe Biden as part of the party’s effort to address voter anger about the election.

In an article on Thursday, CNN’s senior political correspondent Brooke Baldwin said she was skeptical of the RNC’s claims that it should host the event, which is being held Wednesday.

She said Biden would be unlikely to appear at a town-hall-style event, but that Biden’s record on economic inequality, race and gender might be an appealing argument for Democrats to have a debate about what the country can learn from him.

Biden was a strong supporter of President Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election.

The Biden-Ryan ticket lost the White House to Trump and the vice president has consistently argued that the party should stay focused on the issues facing the country.

Baldwin’s report drew criticism from several Democrats.

Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.) tweeted: “You think Joe Biden would participate in a town meeting on race?

He has been a racist for decades.”

She added: “Biden was the #1 reason the Dems lost the election and I think we should all take him seriously as a potential VP candidate.”

Biden spokeswoman Lauren Ehlers said Biden “does not intend to participate” in the town hall.

“He has not given an answer to this particular question,” Ehlers wrote in an email.

The RNC has not yet said if it will host Biden’s event.

Biden himself said he was “not interested” in being part of a townhall.

He told Fox News host Chris Wallace on Thursday morning that the only reason he has been invited to a townhalls is to “put out a message” about economic inequality.

Biden has repeatedly blamed the GOP for his loss in November, saying the party “tried to steal” the election from him by supporting policies that disproportionately hurt minority voters.

“The idea that you can’t speak about issues and issues only, only black people, only Hispanics, is simply not true,” Biden said at a rally in Ohio.

“I’m not interested in a debate.

I’m interested in the American people speaking up.

And I think it’s a very important role.”

He also said he would not participate in the upcoming Democratic National Convention.