Why MT is not a ‘safe city’ for cyclists

A group of cyclists in a southern Indian city have been slammed by a local official for using a vehicle in a reckless manner.

The road has been closed for over a month due to the deadly collision between a taxi and a bike.

But a group of bikers in the city of Chandigarh have been using the city’s main roads to travel between their home and the city centre. 

The incident took place on Tuesday night when a taxi collided with a bike belonging to a woman and killed her, according to local reports. 

According to the police, the woman, whose identity has not been released, was on her way to the nearby hospital.

The incident triggered an outcry among bikers who claimed the woman had not been following traffic rules and that the woman’s car was travelling in the wrong direction when it hit her.

The city’s Transport Minister, Prabhakar Gupta, said the incident had not happened on a public road.

“The incident is not against the rules of the road.

The woman’s vehicle had been stopped in front of the hospital,” he said.”

This is not an accident.

The vehicle was stopped at the designated place, not in a public way,” Gupta added.”

A woman’s life is at stake.

It is an accident,” said a police officer who declined to be named.

The injured woman is currently in a stable condition, the police officer said.

The cyclist involved in the incident, who asked not to be identified, said she was heading to a local hospital for treatment when the accident occurred.

The driver of the car has been arrested and charged under the Prevention of Accidents Act and the Traffic Act.

A spokesperson for the Chandigal police said the taxi driver had been issued a ticket and was being questioned by police.

The Chandigaryas transport minister, Prasad Kishore, said police had been contacted by the group and they would cooperate with the authorities in their investigation.

“We have asked the police to get in touch with the driver of this vehicle,” he added.

“If the police can catch the culprits, then we will get them.”


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