When you’re ready to put your money where your mouth is, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is right where you want it: in the red

The Dow Jones industrial average is trading above all other indices in the past 24 hours as the Dow is closing in on the new record.

That’s a testament to the strong performance of the S&P 500.

The Dow rose nearly 20 percent since Friday, the S.&amp!t!

Index, which tracks the broader S≈P.

500 index, is up nearly 7 percent and the Nasdaq composite is up 2 percent.

This week is the first full week since the election of Donald Trump as president that the Dow has been above the 10,000 mark, according to the SAC Capital market tracker.

The S&ams’ climb in the index’s past year is also a testament, as are the Dow’s recent gains.

As of mid-Tuesday, the stock market was up nearly 5 percent over the past two days.

The index is up more than 4 percent since the start of the year.

It’s currently trading at or near a new record high of 19,847.75.

It has climbed to a record level every day since January 1, and its run up has pushed the Dow to a new all-time high of 20,738.57.

“It’s really a testament that you can see the momentum on the stock markets and the Dow,” says Kevin C. Hall, a market strategist at RBC Capital Markets in Washington.

“If you look at how long the Dow will stay above 20,000 you’ll see that’s a long time.”

The Dow is currently trading above the Dow for the second time in a row.

On Friday, it was at 20,907.16.

On Monday, it hit 20,975.84.

On Tuesday, it rose to 20,978.56.

“The momentum is strong and it’s really going to stay that way,” Hall says.

The stock market is down about 15 percent over its long-term average.

The Nasdaq is down 6 percent.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 index is down 5 percent.

That makes the Dow the worst performing index on record.

“I don’t think it’s as big a deal as people are saying it is,” says Tom Loehrke, an analyst at UBS in New York.

“You have to understand that the S &amp!p!

Dow is still trading well above the historical average.

It just wasn’t that long ago.

And the S!&amp !&amp.

index has actually gotten worse.”

The S. &amp.p!

index, which measures the performance of S&amps index funds, is down 3 percent this year.

The average S&ps stock index fund is trading at around 19 times earnings, according, according Wall Street.

The Index Fund, which is designed for investors who need to take their profits into account, is trading near a record low of 2.85 times earnings.

The D.M.P. index, the most popular index fund, is now trading near the new all time high of 16,700.00.

Dow has gone from being the best performing index to the worst.

The most recent report of the index, released Monday, noted that it was down almost 7 percent since Trump won the White House.

The rally has been driven by a slew of positive stories, including a major deal between Microsoft and Google to buy a majority stake in the company.

The deal would have created a massive acquisition for Microsoft.

The tech company’s stock was down more than 10 percent.

Google has also been investing in data-mining and robotics, as it seeks to create more efficient computing.

The companies are in a “win-win” position, according Mark Weisbrot, an independent analyst at RBS Securities in New Jersey.

“This is the kind of story that helps investors see that the economy is improving,” Weisbrets said.

“There is a very good business case to invest in technology companies, and the technology companies are doing well.”

The tech boom is also benefiting the rest of the economy, and it has helped drive the Dow up in recent months.

The market’s rise has come amid a global slowdown and a decline in corporate profits.

But the S, P &amp.;&amp.; and Nasdaq are still far below their long-run averages, which suggest the stock industry is still in a bubble.

The best time to buy stock, according Hall, is in a time when companies are struggling.

“We need to see a positive business case for companies to go out and sell,” he says.

“In the current environment, the best time for companies is to have a positive investment.”

It’s not just the Dow that is up.

The dollar is up 0.5 percent against a basket of currencies since last Wednesday, according the ICE Dollar Index, and gold is up 1 percent.

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