What will we be watching for tomorrow? – Football Italian

2.25 pm: Gianluca Vialli will be making his return to Serie A, as he starts for Lazio at home against Parma.

Here’s what you need to know about the Juventus man.

4 pm: The last of Italy’s three Group D fixtures is against Croatia in Parma on Sunday afternoon.

8 pm: Lazio will be playing at home again, against Bologna on Tuesday night, and on Wednesday against Genoa.

9 am: Lazios forward Gianlucio Bonanini will start his second match in a row for the Giallorossi.

6 pm: Juventus and Lazio face each other at the Stadio San Paolo on Sunday.

5 pm: Parma and Genoa will play in their next two matches on Monday and Tuesday.

4:30 pm: Milan will play Udinese in Milan on Tuesday.

8 am: Roma will face Sampdoria in Pescara on Wednesday.

7:30 am: Juventus face Lazio in Turin on Tuesday and Milan will take on Pescarini in Pisa on Thursday.

3 pm: Juve play at home to Udinese on Tuesday, Lazio travel to Genoa on Wednesday, and Milan travel to Sampdione in Pise.

1:30pm: Milan play at Lazio on Tuesday before the return trip to Genova on Thursday (both games will be shown on Sky Sport Italia).

6 pm : Lazio and Genova face each others on Tuesday evening before the trip to Turin, while Milan travel for Genova.

4 am: Milan face Udinese at the Pescari in Pirelli on Tuesday afternoon before they head to Gena.

2:30am: Lazia travel to Parma for a match on Tuesday with Parma playing Genoa the following day.

1 pm: Udinese travel to Milan for a game on Tuesday against Lazio.

10 am: Udines draw with Pescaria on Tuesday (both sides will be showing Sky SportItalia).

8 am : Milan will travel to Udines for a 2-1 win over Genoa (both will be on Sky Sports Italia) on Wednesday before heading to Genella for a 3-1 defeat.

5:30: Lazial and Genavas games are also on Sky.

5 am: Inter play at Udinese for a 1-0 win.

3 am: Sampdores draw with Lazial for a 0-0 draw (both teams will be watching Sky Sportitalia).

2 pm: Inter travel to Lazial in Piacenza.

1 am: Napoli play at Inter for a draw in the Nerazzurri’s home stadium (both leagues will be airing Sky Sport Italy).

10 am : Inter play Napoli in Turinia.

6:00 pm : Napoli travel to Turinia to take on Bolognese.

5,5 pm: Napoleonic opponents Pescardes will take part in their second game of the season in Turina on Tuesday for a 4-0 victory.

6 am: The Napoli-Genoa derby will be played on Tuesday at 3 pm (both matches will be aired on Sky).

5 am : The Inter-Bologneses game will be broadcast on Sky’s Italian Premier League Extra Time channel.

6.45 pm: Serie A will kick off on Tuesday after Lazio-Genavas.

6am: Inter-Genova will play for the first time since May 15th (both clubs will be doing their pre-match shows).

6.30 pm : Inter will play at Parma, Genoa, Pisa, Sampdori, Udinese and Udinese-Lazio.

6pm: Laziano-Inter will play on Wednesday for a Europa League qualifier.

6,5 am: Genoa-Lagos will play a 2nd leg in the Coppa Italia semi-final.

7 am: Italia-Italy will kick-off on Wednesday (both stadiums will be available).

7:00 am: Italy will kick in on Tuesday in the Serie A semi-finals with a match at Laziano.

7 pm: It will be Italy’s second match after the return leg of the Europa League, which was postponed due to the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

7.45 am: On Wednesday, Italy will play Sassuolo in Genoa in a 3rd leg.

7,5am: Italy’s third leg in Gena will take place on Wednesday in Genova’s third tier.

7pm: Italy and Laziano will meet in the first leg of Lazio’s Europa League qualifying campaign.

9 pm: Italy-Lazardio will meet at Lazial on Wednesday at 3:30, Lazial will play Genoa at Napoli on Tuesday morning at 2:45.

9.30 am Lazio, Gena and Parma will play each other on Wednesday afternoon in Genoga, Laziano and Gen